We are completely independent, creating events from initial concept to branding, marketing, production and execution.

We focus on concepts with mass market appeal.

And bring together music, unique locations and elevated experiences to create events that exceed increasing expectations.

Our network of over 400,000 students is completely unique and one of the largest privately owned student marketing tools in the UK.



150,000+ per year

Network Size

400,000+ people to promote to.


Who we are

MEGA is made up of a team of hundreds of creatives, performers, ambassadors and event managers across the UK.



Nathan Reed

Founder and managing director

Connor White

Budafest, Icebreaker, Spring Break Amsterdam

Oliver Hughes-Power

Babylon, Icebreaker, Festival of Light

Ben Duncan

Festival of the Dead, Icebreaker


Our Projects

Festival of the Dead infuses elements of carnival, circus, theatre and unadulterated partying to bring you a fiesta like no other.

20 cities - 50,000 guests per annum - UK & Europe


This is not an event, it's a tradition. The UK's biggest freshers tour covering 80 universities, 30 cities and 80,000 people a year.


30 cities - 80,000 guests - 80 universities


A metro festival in the heart of Amsterdam. Get lost, inspired and bewildered with 5,000 others in Europe's most interesting city.

4,000 guests - Amsterdam


A 3 day metro-festival in Budapest. We scoured this beautiful city leaving no rock unturned to make an itinerary formed of the most intriguing, impressive and downright wondrous places to play host to our festival.


2,000 guests - Budapest


A tropical day party paradise. Whether you're out for some healthy fun, recovering from a hangover or there for the party, we've got it covered.

4 cities - 15,000 guests - UK & Spain


Gin, rum, vodka, beer, cider and sausage, burgers and international cuisine. A culinary celebration of the finest food and drink from around the worlds.


7,000 guests - London


A club concept like no other, merging a spectrum of astounding lights, lanterns, effects and live performances to an epic sound track.

4 cities - 8,000 guests - UK



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